I believe in love
And that loving someone new with our whole heart
will not take away any love from all the love
we’ve given and will give to others.


I believe in soul mates
And that we can have more than one in our lives.


I believe that having people in our lives
is better than not having them.


I believe that anger and resentment
take away our power and make our souls weak.


I believe in keeping promises
Because doing what we promised builds trust.


I believe in trust
And that it is earned over time, not just given.


I believe in truth
And that it is better to know it because we can deal with it.


I believe in doing the best I can every day
As the person I am and the circumstances I’m in at the time.


I believe that losing a loved one

changes us for life.


I believe in life
And that we need to welcome every day with open arms.


I believe in everyday miracles
From a little seed growing into a big tree
to a child being born.


I believe in dreaming big
Because anything less will not make us
become who we are destined to be.