Monika Headshot 1I believe life is unpredictable.
And to fully experience it is best to give up control.

I believe in destiny.
And although I prepare the best of plans,
life will take its course.

I believe in happiness.
And often the key to it are detours and back roads.

I believe expectations are the enemy of happiness.
And I should not hope someone is going to do
something I wish they did.

I believe I can’t predict what someone will do.
And when I think they won’t be there for me,
they just might.

I believe I don’t know what life has in store for me.
And I should look forward to each day
because it may bring a great surprise.

I believe in tough situations I discover
who my real friends are.
And I will be surprised finding out who they are.

I believe crying doesn’t solve things
but it helps me get through them.
And it is not as a sign of weakness.

I believe dreaming big is not enough.
And taking action is the way to achieve my dreams.

I believe in love.
And that it is the foundation for all great things in life.