How to Arrive at a Happy Fulfilled Place

Dedicated to my late dear friend Jon Kragness who was a strong believer in the principle of limiting beliefs.

When things align perfectly for us, we often use the saying “Being in the right place at the right time”. How do we get to this place?

Many sources state it doesn’t happen accidentally. We prepare for the arrival in different ways, although it may not be a conscious effort. We attract people and happenings into our lives congruent with our thoughts and actions. Yes we have all heard that. Based on the extensive coverage and thousands of writers and speakers advocating this principle for many years, it seems by now most of us should be on the way to enlightenment. But are we?

What stops us from getting to the happy fulfilled state even though we know what we should do to get there?

It might be disbelief in that we can do it, acting as a self-fulfilling prophecy. It might be low self-esteem or guilt that we don’t deserve to be happy. It could be a lack of persistence to practice the principles regularly. It may be fear of failure or success. For most of us it is a combination of these factors. However, one or two play a predominant role in stopping us from getting to our happy place. The key to success is identifying these main limiting beliefs and going to work on them.

Not overcoming our limiting beliefs is like driving with the breaks on. It is nearly impossible to be the right person when the right place and time arrive in our life. We may not recognize it or will not be ready to act on it, and therefore will often sabotage the opportunity.

As life passes, I work through my limiting beliefs and discover that when I recognize and overcome one of them, there is another I need to address. Working through each limiting belief makes me stronger and prepares me for greater future opportunities.

Overcoming limiting beliefs is like overcoming any fear. As long as we keep growing, it is not going to go away and we need to push through it.

So I ask myself what is my limiting belief now preventing me from reaching my next dream. And I ask you the same. What is yours?