I believe in following my heart.
Because logic alone will not lead me to full happiness.

I believe timing is everything.
And when I’m ready for something the other person may not be.

I believe that I have to love myself first.
Only then I can give unconditional love to others.

I believe in limiting beliefs.
And that we all have them whether we realize it or not. 

I believe all people come into our lives for a reason.
Knowing what that reason is makes us grow.

I believe in letting people come into my life and leave on their terms.
That is the only way I can truly be there for them.

I believe time changes everything.
And what “is” now will look and feel very different in the future.

I believe the more love I have for myself
the more love I have to give to others.

I believe I create everything that happens in my life.
I am responsible for where I am and have the power to change it.

I believe in letting things just happen.
Because that is when the most surprising events occur in my life.

I believe I have the whole time in the world to do
all the things I am still destined to do.