You know the feeling when things change, our lives take a turn, and a new chapter begins.

Often it is a scary moment especially when we didn’t plan the change. Most of the time we find excitement in such places in life. We find happiness in moments like falling in love or getting married, and we find sadness at times of illness or losing a loved one.

Each experience changes us. And it changes us for life. We feel like a different person. Ecstatically happy or deeply sad. We know right then that things will never be the same. The experience has impact on everything. The way we feel. The way we think. The way we behave. And the way we look at the world.

This is just a part of  living and growing. What we learn through moments like these shapes our futures. We become stronger, more resilient, perhaps more cautious, or just simply happy about what else is ahead of us.

Where are you now? In the beginning of a new chapter, in the middle, or at the end of one? As another chapter is opening, I wonder with anticipation and excitement what it will bring into in my life.