Written November 8, 2012

A butterfly hanging upside down
Spirits coming down to let us know
To pay attention
See red peppers grow
And chase your girl with a cane
Has it been this long?
How could you tell?
Your grey hair and not running as fast
Look at the butterfly
Upside down
Happy little guy he’s ok hanging
Upside down
Spirits come with butterflies
What spirit is around?
Pay attention to who’s talking to you
Find your upside down butterfly
Then you will know who I am
Don’t cry
I’m here for you
And I will find a butterfly
Upside down butterfly for you

Written July 4th, 2009

I woke up thinking “I can’t believe I just had this dream. Where did it come from?”

Some dreams are easy to interpret. They are related to either something I intensely thought about or something that happened. Dreams that seem to appear from “nowhere” are most surprising.

Last night I had a visit from my grandma who passed away 30 years ago. I have never dreamed about her before, but last night I had a vivid conversation with her. She was telling me about her work in a garden and how she diligently arranged everything to make it perfect. Puzzled I asked her “Grandma how old are you?” while counting in my thoughts since the last time I saw her when she was 86. (more…)

No fear I say. But I don’t hear.
No fear I repeat. But I don’t listen.
Is there a reason to be afraid?
I ask.

What I create is following me
giving the answers to what I fear. (more…)

The thousandth step taken for the first time.
How could it be, how could it feel so new.

The road taken so many times
with feelings never the same. (more…)

Dreamed many times before of things that could be,
Imagining the beautiful life I would live.

Played in the sand and felt the touch of the sea,
Crying in hope to find the one for me. (more…)