I have decided to put past where it belongs. In the past. Discovering that at times there is no need to hang on to old hopes because new dreams can be created, and that there is no need to answer all questions, such as what would have been if I just did things differently.

I clearly remember how I always used to look into the future. Nearly to a fault, forgetting to live in the present, always seeking something new and chasing another dream. Since then I’ve learned to enjoy the present moment and all the small things in life. What I didn’t know is that the next stage was to look into the past. And this wasn’t a conscious decision on my part, as it was with learning to live in the moment. This pondering about the past just happened. Why has no one warned me about this new trap? And it truly is a trap, in many ways holding me back from moving forward and dreaming new, big dreams.

Learning from past experiences is valuable. Living in hope and delusion that I can make things better or revive what was in the past is a silly waste of time, preventing new visions of the future. Letting the past go, makes space for new dreams and hopes.

The past belongs in the past.

To truly move on, I’m looking now for a new balance. Finding the fine line between learning from the past, but not living in it or for it. Enjoying the present, but keeping a keen eye on the future. And planning the future, but considering my past learnings, and not forgetting to live happily in the present moment.